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ReadWrite Kanji 1.6

ReadWrite Kanji teaches the complete 1945 Jouyou Kanji characters
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ReadWrite Kanji teaches us to write and read Kanji, the Chinese characters adopted by the Japanese people 15 centuries ago. With this program, we will be able to learn 1945 jouyou kanji. We can learn the kanji meaning, its display and radical, and how to write it in a visual way by selecting the animated stroke order option. We can also learn its ON pronunciation and its KUN pronunciation, and view a few examples of a kanji in combination with another one. There are many individual exercises to choose from, i.e., Kanji Meaning Multichoice, ON Pronunciation Multichoice, KUN Pronunciation Multichoice, Stroke Order Exercise, Kanji Grid Search Exercise and Kanji Radical Multichoice. We can edit the exercise options and select the numbers of the correct answer needed in order to graduate words. It is possible to review the completed kanji, do exercise to complete list, add more kanji to the list, remove them, search by meaning or pronunciation and more. The help guide shows how to install the Microsoft Japanese IME for Windows. There is an on-line blog with some useful tips. We can evaluate this program free of charge.

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  • No audio in trial version
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